The history of TKD. 

We are giving you 2 stories to choose from (after all we are known for offering wide choices in our store.) Pick the one you like

Option 1 

Tappu Ki Dukaan is named after Tappu. Tappu as you might not know is the mythological Greek Goddess who is the patron saint of all store owners, customers and people who like Tappu Ki Dukaan on Facebook. According to an old Greek legend
the people of South Bombay were facing a really serious problem. They had money (some of them had lots of it) but did not
have the right place to spend it. The leader of them said I want to be in a place where they might not have anything I need but I will want everything they have (everyone clapped after that). At that very moment lightning struck (it was getting dark
so people switched on their lights) and then emerged out of the smoke screen a store blessed and named after the very own
Goddess Tappu. Till today this store spreads happiness and joy and sometimes emails pictures to let the world know about
the goodies they offer.


If you haven't been there already you are hmmm… weird. 

Option 2

Nobody wants a nickname but the more you don't want it the more often people use that to call you. So when I was 2 my
brother decided to call me Tappu instead of Sneha which was my given name and I encountered embarrassing moments,
such as when a friend would call me at home, my family would scream out "Tappu, tera phone hain..." and on my birthdays
with "Tappu, cake cutting time beta..." 


The next 5 years went in a fast forward mode where I lived the life of the hot shot finance wiz kid (read – became a chartered
accountant and worked in an I- Bank). Although exciting, I was sure this wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my
life (and since my life was just beginning we are talking about a serious amount of years). My getaway from the world of
finance were my holiday trips across the globe where I would visit quaint and quirky stores which have the most useless but
endearing things on display. Each time I would be in these stores, I would yearn for such a store in my country, my city, and
that's where the idea of a store was born.

The mezzanine floor of my dad's optician store was unoccupied and it seemed just the right place to open such a store. I quit
my job and after 3 long months of invention, renovation and wondering what to call my store, Tappu Ki Dukaan opened for the public on 13th December, 2009! 

Wait wait you still don't know about Gotyo!

In June 2009 I took a trip to Ladakh with friends and on 27th June, sitting beside Pangong Lake still wondering what to call my
store, one of my friends (who I least expected to ever come up with something creative) looks at me and says "dude, why
don't u use your awesome pet name for the name of the store.... " And the rest is history. Gotyo, thanks dude! I have had my
revenge for all the years of nagging and being made fun of. Tappu ki dukaan is on its way to become the coolest store ever!

Hope to see you in my store real soon coz we might not have anything you need but you will want everything we have.

Love always,

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